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Act now to Promote a Children’s Playground on Tank Hill

Add comment November 7th, 2006

Neighbors are organizing to ask that the concrete area where the tank used to be located on Tank Hill be converted to a children’s playground.

Bevan Dufty’s office is conducting an inquiry into the possibility, and we urge you to FAX, write, email or call to encourage that this playground be created. (Click “more” for more information on what’s suggested, and how to contact the Supervisors…)
Tank Hill Park is bordered by Twin Peaks Boulevard, Carmel Street, and Belvedere Street – and has representation from districts 5 and 8. Tank Hill is currently designated an “Open Spaces” area of San Francisco. While it provides glorious views of the city, bay and headlands to all, it most immediately serves the small communities of Clarendon Heights and the upper part of Cole Valley. These communities are located on some of the highest and steepest points in the city, which have no playgrounds within safe and reasonable walking distance. Currently Tank Hill has a wonderful array of native plants, but there is a useless (66 foot diameter) circle of cement through which nothing can grow. We are requesting that this cement area be fenced in to house a children’s playground whose design is yet to be determined. Please lend your support to the improvement of our community by informing Supervisor Dufty’s office of your support for such a playground.

You can email this message – and it’s better if you “make it your own” by adding your own wording – to

Dear Supervisor Dufty:

I support the creation of a children’s playground on the concrete circle remaining on Tank Hill. This would convert an unused space into a place of great enjoyment for both children and adults in one of San Francisco’s open spaces.

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