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Temporary Palo Alto Pumpstation

August 31st, 2007

palo-alto-temporary-pumpsta.jpgThe temporary Public Utilities water pump station has been installed at the corner of Palo Alto and Marview and the demolition and reconstruction of the permanent station will take place over the next two years. The design of the permanent station was reviewed by neighbors and TPIA directors to try to have the new station blend as much as possible with the greenery, and to monitor work hours and procedures. It was agreed that he staging area would be placed on the back side of the reservoir, and that no work without notice be conducted on the weekends. No parking construction signs will be posted on the western portion of Palo Alto for much of this time. Some arrangements will be made for residents on that block. It was also agreed by SFPUC that some new plantings on the dam face be part of the project.