The San Francisco Public Library provides online access to the San Francisco History Center of the San Francisco Library. The center has photos of San Francisco over the years. Here’s a selection from the Twin Peaks area.

“View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks”, 1872
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San Francisco 1872
“View down Market Street from reservoir on Twin Peaks” 1880s
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San Francisco 1880s
Cole Valley & Haight, 1892
“Cows grazing in Cole Valley”
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Cole Valley & Haight, 1892
San Francisco, early 1900s
“View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks”
View from Twin Peaks early 1900s
Market Street, 1906
“View of Market Street from east slope of Twin Peaks”
View of Market Street
Market Street at Clayton, 1918 Market Street at Clayton
Market Street, 1921
“Construction of Market Street extension”
Construction of Market Street extension
Twin Peaks, 1923
“View of east slope of undeveloped streets of Graystone, Crown, Villa & Corbett”
Crown, Villa & Corbett
Corbett Avenue, 1923
“Pipe installation on Corbett Avenue”
Corbett Avenue
Twin Peaks, 1924
“view from twin peaks”
View from Twin Peaks 1924
Vulcan Stairs, 1925
“Pedestrian stairway along east slope of twin peaks still exists today”
Vulcan Stairs
Twin Peaks, 1930s
“undeveloped and dotted with farms and pasture”
Twin Peaks 1930s
Clayton & Market Street, date unknown
“Clayton Street looking down towards Market, Trolley cars existed at one time on Clayton”
Clayton Street toward Market
Twin Peaks, 1930
“Plenty of space existed for your sunday drive”
Twin Peaks 1930
Downtown, 1934
“View down Market Street towards downtown”
Downtown 1934
Twin Peaks Blvd, 1934
“Construction commences on building a road to the summit”
Twin Peaks Boulevard construction
Sutro Forest, 1934
“A lumber yard and mill existed”
Lumber yard
Sutro Forest, 1934
“lumber being cut at the mill”
Lumber yard in Sutro Forest
Sutro Forest, 1934
“wood getting stacked and dried within the forest”
Sutro Forest
Sutro Forest, 1935
“Cities highest house in Twin Peaks within Sutro Forest at that time”
Highest house in Sutro Forest
Twin Peaks Model, 1936
“The Federal Art Project had proposed a cascade on twin peaks”
Twin Peaks model 1936
Twin Peaks, 1941
“View of Golden Gate Bridge from the summit”

View of Bay Bridge & Downtown, 1940s
“View of the bridge shortly after its completion”
Bay Bridge upon its completion
Tank Hill, 1942
“A view in the distance of Tank Hill, prior to the removal of the water storage tank”
Tank Hill
Palo Alto Avenue & Glenbrook, date unknown
“A view from the intersection of Palo Alto and Glenbrook Avenue”
Palo Alto & Glenbrook
Villa Terrace, 1942
“Many roads were unpaved during in the 1940’s”
Villa Terrace 1942
Villa Terrace, 1942
“Cobblestone retaining walls adorned many roadways”
Villa Terrace 1942
Pemberton Steps, 1942
“Stairways were developed for easier pedestrian travel. many stairways still remain in the neighborhood”
Pemberton Steps 1942
Apartment Bldg on Villa Terrace, 1942 Villa Terrace 1942
St. Germain Street, date unknown
“Lovely home near the intersection of St. Germain and Glenbrook”
St. Germain
Twin Peaks, 1945
“A view up the hill from 18th & Market Street”
Twin Peaks 1945
Corbett Avenue, 1948
“One of the last remaining farms on the hill”
Corbett Avenue 1948
Villa Terrace, 1948
“Parking was challenging, even 60 years ago”
Parking 1948
Graystone Terrace, 1949 Graystone Terrace 1949
Graystone Terrace, 1949
“Public controversy with Board of Permit Appeals over proposal to build apartment buildings”
Graystone Terrace 1949
Christmas Tree Hill, 1950
“A view of a Christmas tree near twin peaks view summit”
Christmas Tree Hill 1950
Twin Peaks, 1950’s
“A view from Mt Olympus”
Twin Peaks seen from Mt. Olympus
Sutro Mansion, 1950s
“Sutro Mansion next to KGO TV communications tower”
Sutro Mansion & KGO TV tower
Crown Terrace, 1952
caption on photo – “Crown Terrace has triumphed. Mrs. Perego’s abandoned auto rests on the dirt road extension from Crown Terrace to her apartment house development. A chain (arrow) shuts off that part of terrace which…”
Crown Terrace triumph
Twin Peaks,1957
“view from the summit to the north”
Twin Peaks north 1957
Twin Peaks, 1957
” a southeast view from the summit”
Twin Peaks southwest
Market Street, 1957
“construction of Upper Market Street to Portola”
Upper Market Street
Mid-Town Terrace, 1958
“Home construction is underway”
Mid-Town Terrace
Twin Peaks, 1958
“Aerial view of neighborhoods and Sutro Forest”
Sutro Forest 1958
Tank Hill, 1961
“City planned to sell lots on Tank Hill. The community opposed this idea and Tank Hill remains today as public open space”
Tank Hill 1961
Twin Peaks, 1962
“View of undeveloped Twin Peaks in the distance”
Twin Peaks 1962
Sutro Tower, 1972
“Construction of the Tower is underway”
Sutro Tower construction is underway 1972
Sutro Tower, 1972
“Construction is near completion”
Sutro Tower construction is underway
Sutro Tower, 1972
“Construction is completed”
Sutro Tower construction is completed