About the association

The Twin Peaks Improvement Association, incorporated in the late 1940s is one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in San Francisco. The Association, which includes the eastern slope of Twin Peaks all the way up to Sutro Tower, was formed to maintain and improve the quality of life for residents of Twin Peaks and all of San Francisco.

TPIA is incorporated and functions under a set of official bylaws.

Over the years, our members and residents have had a great impact on the way our neighborhood was developed. We have worked hard to keep our sense of community. Keeping the unique character of our sometimes small and narrow streets as well as preserving open spaces such as Tank Hill has been important to us. All of these characteristics remind us that this area was once Rancho San Miguel, one of the last Spanish land grants to be developed in San Francisco.

We have participated in many local development issues regarding the size and character of new homes and additions. Our members have appeared before the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to represent our neighborhood on a number of issues. While we encourage development and upgrade to our housing stock, it should reflect our neighborhood character.

The biggest issue to affect our neighborhood for some time has been the expansion of Sutro Tower. Thanks to the leadership of Doris and Christine Linnenbach, the Tower’s operators have been required to make a number of concessions over the past nine years, including the recent seismic strengthening. As you are all aware, this is a facility that affects all of us, which broadcasts everything from television signals to communications for the FBI and Golden Gate Disposal. When the tower goes to a completely digital signal, we will be one of the first major markets to participate fully in this new television technology.

We also have had influence in the decision of the Water Department to finally retrofit their reservoirs all over the City. As you may know, some of the most important reservoirs are adjacent to Sutro Tower and across from Clarendon School. Twin Peaks was selected as the safest and best area to site reservoirs in case of another great earthquake or fire in the City. The pumping mechanism for these two facilities would provide most of the water to the western half of the city in case of a catastrophic fire or earthquake. TPIA participated in a number of meetings with the Water Department regarding these retrofit plans, and is still meeting regarding pump station rebuilds.

We also work with Park Station regarding safety and traffic issues for the neighborhood, and, according to a former captain at Park Station, we are fortunate that ours is one of the safest areas in the City.

One of our mandates has always been to preserve and protect open space. As many of you may know, Twin Peaks is part of the Bay Trail, a non-profit project working to complete a recreational trail spanning the length of San Francisco Bay, and is located along the 49 mile scenic drive. What we particularly enjoy are our splendid views and green spaces.

In 2000, TPIA sponsored Edith’s Garden, a San Franciso Beautiful award winning open space project at the corner of Clarendon and Twin Peaks Boulevards. Marian Bernstein and family planted trees on the strip below Sutro Tower on Palo Alto, for which they received commendation from the city.

In 2001, we participated in the dedication of the rebuilding of Pemberton Steps, featured in Stairway Walks in San Francisco. Members and residents, including Nancy Hogan worked for ten years to complete this project.

We are continually working to improve the neighborhood for all our residents and for the City at large. When residents and visitors travel up Twin Peaks Boulevard, which was completed in 1915 for the Pan Pacific Exposition, we know they will be traveling through a very special part of San Francisco.